Calming Rejuvenation

Calming Rejuvenation is set to be a major trend for Spring/Summer 24. This trend focuses on the art of healing, stress-reducing interiors, and modular pieces that serve a multi-purpose within the home, all in the aid of easing the art of living.

“Here’s everything you need to know about Calming Rejuvenation”

With recuperation and a slow sense of purpose central to this trend, we are looking at colours, textures, and materials that allow consumers to achieve a sense of calm within their home, a subtle forgiveness where not everything needs to be perfect. Our knowledge shows that householders are being drawn to a lesser number of products, but better quality, meaning that functionality must meet an aesthetically pleasing form.

“Tranquil, balanced, healing”

Developing a tranquil space allows for visual stress reduction without the need to lose personality. Using an array of muted pastels tells a calming colour story, balanced with gentle greens and a pop of energy from the acidic lemon. This colour palette is complimented by speckled effects on vases and curved lines of occasional chairs.

With Calming Rejuvenation, we are encouraged to look after ourselves not to expect perfection but to stimulate expressive mending.

Equilibrium Earth

Equilibrium Earth With an emphasis on indoor-outdoor living over the past few years, Equilibrium Earth continues to pay homage to this trend for Spring Summer 24. As a society, we are more conscious of cohabiting with nature, with relaxed living and homeware that blends the indoors with the outdoors.

“Here’s everything you need to know about Equilibrium Earth”

Homeware and soft furnishings take inspiration from external factors. This current trend driver indicates a new collaboration of outdoor elements and textures; soaking up the sun on a summer’s day, or the rough texture of a weathered terracotta vase, that allows Equilibrium Earth to introduce earthy elements to modern homes. Incorporating these materials allows the home to become a space that encourages a natural and healing environment.

“Earthy tones, natural elements, indoor/outdoor living”

Imagine exploring the streets of a European city in the height of summer, the pinky hues of terracotta, complimented with sun-baked yellows and sandy neutrals, harmonise the earthy tones and blend the outdoor tones with the internal décor.

Homemakers are embracing the imperfections and irregularities of naturally produced colours and materials, which puts a greater emphasis on harnessing the outdoors with utilising the power of nature for design.