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  1. Stockholm Range

    Fall in love with our Stockholm Range.
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    Stockholm Range
  2. Heatwave Ready

    Mimo has everything your customers need to enjoy relaxed Summer drinks whilst basking in the sunshine...
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    Heatwave Ready
  3. Take a seat

    Shop our mid-century modern Vinsi Range, suitable for any contemporary home. Minimalist designs featuring button tufted backs this range offers an abundance of comfort that wows from every angle.
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    Take a seat
  4. Academy Range

    Interested in modern industrial storage solutions? Look no further than our Academy range
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    Academy Range
  5. Sexy Sideboards

    If you’re customers are looking for luxurious and stylish storage solutions, suitable for any room in their house, then our range of Sexy Sideboards could be the perfect addition..
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    Sexy Sideboards
  6. Easter Entertainment

    Spring has Sprung Easter is the perfect time to gather your loved ones. We have put together some stylish ideas that will help you entertain with ease, giving your guests...
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    Easter Entertainment
  7. Blur the Boundaries

    Blur the boundaries between the in and outdoors! Over the past few years, the garden has become an extension of our homes more than ever, and when it comes to...
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    Blur the Boundaries
  8. Restorative Rituals

    An important trend for Spring/ Summer 2022 is Restorative Rituals. Heavily inspired by the Pink City, a mix of old and new Indian influences are incorporated. A warm and welcoming...
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    Restorative Rituals
  9. Halcyon Nights

    This upcoming design trend will see homes become a sanctuary. The most will be made of the unique quality of the light in the golden hours at the end of...
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    Halcyon Nights
  10. Our new website, built just for you.

    At last, a user friendly supplier website. At Premier we know that the last thing you want to do between back to back meetings, it to come onto a clunky...
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    Our new website, built just for you.

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