Winter Sanctuary 

Let us introduce you to: Winter Sanctuary. The first major trend for Autumn/Winter 2022 is soothing, tactile, and fluid. Over the past couple of years, we have noticed trends in consumers behaviour that see them choosing escapism, and serene spaces in all aspects of their life, including their home. Consumers are focusing on healing from within, with influences from the likes of, Wim Hof; the pioneer behind the use of cold-water therapy (cryotherapy). This technique is used to improve both your performance and health by breathing, using your mind to control your immune system and harnessing the cold. 

Consumers have turned their attention to bettering their bodies and minds, which then naturally falls into their safe space, their home. The home is a space for rest and recuperation, and with householders aiming to make themselves more resilient, this puts the focus on understanding the importance of natural, environmental, coastal spaces and how they have an impact on our health, body, and mind. With the spotlight on the body and soul, it then inspires a focus on how our home, furniture, accessories, and colours make us feel. This is where Winter Sanctuary has an ergonomic approach to where both product design and furniture are developed to support the body.  

Here’s everything you need to know about Winter Sanctuary.” 

Materials such as bouclé, veined marble, and opaline glass are at the forefront of major trend-led retailers and consumers when it comes to this A/W trend. The concentration is on interiors that are clean, but not clinical, with colour palettes and objects that flow seamlessly into one another, creating an almost healing space. 

Washed-Out, Organic, Colour Blocking” 

The colour palette encapsulates the magic of the Northern skies, using icy blues and frosty greens to create a tranquil and subdued atmosphere. In addition to these cool tones, there should be warmth within this winter palette, using cashmere inspired colours like rose and peach. Think Icelandic landscapes, during golden hour.  

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