Blur the boundaries between the in and outdoors!

Over the past few years, the garden has become an extension of our homes more than ever, and when it comes to styling that space, we want it to flow seamlessly with our interior. With the aid of garden furniture and carefully selected accessories from around your home, we can help you create a serene space that transports you whilst bringing the best out of your space.

“Serene space that transports you”

As we are continuing to invest in our outdoor spaces, the focus is on blending the interior with the exterior of the house (the garden). Marrying both elements allows for a harmonious outdoor space that compliments the interior. Being able to make our gardens into a comforting serene space that focuses on socialising and escapism is vital for Summer 2022

“Harmonious outdoor space that compliments the interior”

With our attention shifting towards more sustainable and cost-effective ways to decorate our homes, furniture and accessories that can be easily adapted is key. While this may sound like a daunting task, our ‘Blur the Boundaries’ range will help you hit the mark when it comes to utilising interior items to enhance the outside during the summer months. Using indoor items such as throws, rugs, lanterns will create a smooth transition between both the indoors and outdoors, to create that tranquil space to unwind. Explore our range here.

Please note – that not all items we have selected are suitable for the British weather. Using these items weather permitting and under cover is recommended to keep them in their best condition.