A major trend for spring/summer 2022; Rooted in Nature. In the wake of the pandemic, consumers are attempting to retain or recapture their renewed connection with nature and introduce a natural homespun look to the design of their living spaces. Materials such as bamboo, rattan, earthenware, and sustainable olivewood are at the forefront of major trend-led retailers and consumers are buying. Living areas are being extended into outdoor spaces with garden chairs and hurricane lamps, and the outdoors is encouraged to reach indoors with natural rustic designs and wall art that echoes the organic, earthy palettes of browns and greens.

The consequence of daily walks in local communities and worldwide conversations prompted by COP26 is that consumers are being more frugal, wasting less and making a conscious effort to be more sustainable. Expect some consumers to pick up habits like replacing plastic with glass where homemade pickles and jams can be stored and choosing to invest in more versatile pieces that can be re-purposed in other areas of their homes. By embracing slower consumption, people are allowing themselves to invest in the comfort of quality, long-lasting seating and enriching their living spaces with informal textures of woven throws.

“Natural Materials & Textiles are essential”

This trend insists that to recapture a connection with nature, natural elements must become present in the home. An additional focus within this post-pandemic trend is to bring serenity from nature into the home, therefore softer, more organic, shaping combined with natural materials is the lifeblood of Rooted in Nature.

"Natural, Calm, Palette"

The colour palette embraces muted colours of the natural world, providing calmness and tranquillity. In addition to natural tones of brown, there should be cathartic sun-bleached and earthy tones that radiate a warm summer’s day. Think, algae green, sun-kissed berry shades and washed-out neutrals.